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MAHICANITUCK with Busquelo
On the banks of the Hudson River we gather for a magical night of dance ritual. Innove Gnawa Band leads a traditional Moroccan trance dance and DJ Busquelo & Friends play global bass grooves. Mahicanituck is the Lenape name for the Hudson River. It means "Waters that are never still". This beautiful, magical spot is in the Grand Lodge at the campsite at the far end Croton Point Park.This building has capacity for 2-300 people, rolling grass lawns, and plenty of spots for tent camping. Admission is free to the dance party. There are options for camping overnight or for the weekend, and enjoying luscious vegetarian meals prepared by chef Angus Stephens from CHIRRIPOSA - The Mountain & Beach Retreat in Costa Rica. For meal/camping tickets please go HERE we look forward to seeing you there!!!

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Some music for your listening pleasure:
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